Travaux En Cours

Foldable Borsolino Hat, Purple

$60.00 $139.00

The traveller's hat of choice! This hat comes in so many colours, and sizes, and it folds for travel, too! The brim gives good shade to the wearer. 

Paper, with a touch of polyester. Most structured hats are paper these days, if they're not straw. The poly gives the hat it's ability to fold. By nature it's a soft hat (that's why it can fold when you travel), so we recommend keeping it stuffed and on a shelf or on a wall hook when you're not wearing it or travelling with it, so it keeps it's shape as long as possible.

Remember paper is the natural enemy of water, so better not to wear it in the pool! :-D

Most of our customers who say they have a 'big head' will generally fit a size 58 or 60...but if in doubt, pick 60 and then put a little tuck or 2 in the inside band to customise the fit.

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