Cashmere-Merino Wrap, Black


This cashmere-merino wrap is one of our Travel Essentials. It's light, warm, soft and not bulky, but buy-oh-boy is it the best things to travel with? You bet! Not only the travel wardrobe, but the regular wardrobe will see this piece getting thrown over your dinner outfit to head out the door, or as an extra layer on a particularly chilly day. And it always looks effortless and stylish.

This yarn is the high-performing 95% Australian Merino, 5% Cashmere, so it is super soft and light, and warm as toast! We've worn this yarn in the store every winter, and don't get any pilling...can you believe it?! But of course, don't expose it to rubbing to ensure you have the same experience and long-wearing as us!

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