Vise Shirt, Landscape Print


With billowy elbow length sleeve and wide cuff, this amazing non-iron shirt is the hardest working piece in your wardrobe. There's a half-placket with little mock tortoiseshell buttons, and and collarless neckline. There's lots of gathering through the back yoke, so this is a generous  flowy fit with a high low hemline. Front length 74cm, back length 78cm, size 10 example.

At any time of year, at work, on hols, on the road, in the air, out to dinner, in the office. It buttons down to the bust-line, and is generous in the body so there's plenty of air circulation around the body.

Light as a feather, for the traveler who wants to pack super light. 

Washes in cold water in the hotel room, and dries overnight on a hanger. Or at home, again gentle wash, spin at 700rpm tops, but no tumble dryer, girls, it dries quick on it's own anyway! Tip: we love a blow up hanger for travel or home...keeps the front and back separated for even faster drying.

We love to pack this with our bamboo tees, a Frankie 4 runner or sandal and you're good to head off for that trip!

Fabric: it's called 'Japanese Technical', yes, it's a synthetic (poly), but an innovative yarn not unlike those which the big sports brands use, for moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, etc. So don't be afraid...we wouldn't stock poly if we weren't utterly convinced of the comfort and breathability, and performance. We've got your back!

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